Found A Large Growth On Your Dog? What You Should Know About Lipomas

When you are petting your dog one day, the last thing you expect is to find a large lump or growth on their body. However, especially with older dogs, this can happen from time to time. As a concerned pet parent, you will likely take your dog to the veterinarian or emergency animal clinic soon after you find the lump. If it turns out that the growth you felt is caused by what your vet calls a lipoma, you may be confused and still concerned about what to do next. [Read More]

It's Not Always Ruff To Get A New Pet Every Meow And Then

When you get a new pet there are a few things you want to make sure to do so you know you are giving it the best start in life possible. You also want to be sure that your home is ready for your new pet so they won't feel overwhelmed and so they won't get in trouble, become injured, or even get themselves lost. Set your house up for your new pet [Read More]

What To Look For In A Reputable Dog Breeder

Getting a new puppy is a fun and exciting experience. A puppy will grow up to be a lifelong friend to you and your family and also become a wonderful protector of your home as well. However, before purchasing a new puppy, it is important to know what kind of breeder you are getting him from. These are some things to look for in a reputable dog breeder. Clean, Healthy Dogs  [Read More]

4 Reasons To Get A Female Cat Spayed

Do you want to adopt a female cat but don't want to worry about her having babies in the future? Getting your pet spayed is the best way to prevent her from giving birth. Spaying is actually beneficial to your cat in a few different ways, so it is nothing that you should feel guilty about getting done. Here are some answers to questions that you might have before getting your cat spayed. [Read More]