Receiving Help At An Emergency Animal Hospital In St. Louis MO

If your dog gets into your chocolate stash, you will need to take him into an emergency animal hospital in St. Louis MO right away. You should try to figure out how much chocolate your dog ate before leaving. Do not take too much time on this step, however. It is more important to have your dog treated in a timely manner. Once your dog arrives at an emergency animal hospital in St. Louis MO, he may have his stomach pumped to remove as much of the candy as possible. Dogs are severely allergic to a chemical compound in chocolate that does not affect humans in a negative way. The chemical compounds may be absorbed directly into the dog's bloodstream soon after the chocolate is digested. If the dog is allowed to digest the chocolate, it may be extremely difficult to stop the allergic reaction. Instead, vets work to remove as much of the chocolate as possible to keep chemical compound amounts low enough for the dog's body to handle. All dogs that eat dark, milk or white chocolate unexpectedly may need to stay in the animal hospital for several hours under observation. Vets watch for symptoms that may indicate the reaction is worsening. Your dog may need rescue fluids during his stay.