Dog Odors Smelling Up The House? 4 Tips To Help Cure The Odor Problem

If the body odor problem in the house is coming from your dog, you don't have to send it outside. While a foul-smelling dog can make you want to plug your nose, there are some simple things you can do to eliminate the odor. Here are four tips to help keep your dog smelling fresh and clean. Monitor the Baths When it comes to bath time, every dog is different. Some dogs will require weekly baths to stay clean, while other dogs can go an entire month between baths. [Read More]

Tumors and Your Dog: 3 Types of Lumps You Shouldn't Have Removed

When you first notice a lump on your dog, your first instinct is to panic. Is it cancer? The truth is, it's most likely not cancer. It's not uncommon for dogs to develop lumps, bumps, and tumors. Fortunately, most of these bumps are not cancerous in the least. In fact, many types of lumps and bumps do not need to be removed at all. They can remain as long as they're not infected or interfering with your dog's range of motion. [Read More]

How To Prevent Your Pet From Nibbling On Poison Plant Debris

If you're a new pet owner, you likely know about how you're not supposed to feed your pet certain foods like chocolate. You have also likely learned to keep things off the ground lest your pet chew on them. Pets, especially dogs, can be overly curious about things they find lying on the ground. The animals are prone to eating or chewing on what they find, and that's problematic because so much natural debris is toxic to pets. [Read More]

The Best Pet To Adopt For Your Family

Pets are an excellent way to foster responsibility and compassion in a child. The question is: which pet is best for your family? Depending on your child's age, the family's lifestyle, and the animal's personality, the answer might not be what you expect. Some pets to consider for your child are: Ferrets. Ferrets are cute and cuddly pets that require a lot of maintenance. These little animals make great pets for teenagers or older people, and they can be kept indoors and taught various tricks. [Read More]