4 Reasons To Get A Female Cat Spayed

Do you want to adopt a female cat but don't want to worry about her having babies in the future? Getting your pet spayed is the best way to prevent her from giving birth. Spaying is actually beneficial to your cat in a few different ways, so it is nothing that you should feel guilty about getting done. Here are some answers to questions that you might have before getting your cat spayed.

1. No Worrying About Your Cat Going into Heat

The perk of getting your cat spayed is that she will never go into heat afterwards. The reason for a cat going into heat is to display her ability to mate. When there are no male cats around that she can mate with, your cat can become sexually frustrated. You don't want to deal with a sexually frustrated cat because she can become very moody.

2. Breast Tumors Are Less Likely to Develop

Before spaying is done, it is possible for your pet to develop tumors in her breasts. The bad thing about tumors is that they can be cancerous and lead to numerous health problems. You must keep in mind that breast cancer is just as harmful to an animal as it is in a human. No need to worry about breast tumors after your cat has been spayed.

3. Your Pet Will Have Better Behavior

A female cat can begin to misbehave when she goes into heat. For example, rather than alerting you that she has to go outside to urinate, she might do it inside of the house instead. Being that your cat will not go into heat, you will not have to deal with such behavior. Going into heat can also a cat to become emotional, such as by crying a lot for no apparent reason. The crying actually stems from your cat wanting to mate.

4. Pyometra Will Not Harm Your Pets Uterus

Spaying your cat can protect her from developing a serious disease called Pyometra. The disease can occur from the uterus accumulating large amounts of pus. The pus leads to the lining of the uterus being thicker than is should be. Pyometra is actually a disease that can turn fatal without the right kind of treatment. Reserve a date with a veterinarian so he or she can perform the spaying procedure on your cat.

For more information, talk to a professional.