What To Look For In A Reputable Dog Breeder

Getting a new puppy is a fun and exciting experience. A puppy will grow up to be a lifelong friend to you and your family and also become a wonderful protector of your home as well. However, before purchasing a new puppy, it is important to know what kind of breeder you are getting him from. These are some things to look for in a reputable dog breeder.

Clean, Healthy Dogs 

All dogs on the breeder's property should look clean and healthy. This includes the puppies that are for sale, the parents of those puppies, and any other dogs the breeder may keep as pets. There should be no signs of flea infestations or other parasites on any of the breeder's dogs. It should be evident that the dogs are bathed regularly.

The breeder should have vet records of the puppies he has for sale. The puppies should be up to date on their vaccinations and also be dewormed regularly by a vet. The breeder should also be willing to show you vet records of the parents of the puppies showing that they have a clean bill of health as well.

A Clean Environment 

The environment the dogs are kept in should be clean and spacious. If the dogs are kept outside, they should be enclosed in a lot large enough for all the dogs to have room to run and play. There should be no signs of trash, debris, or dog waste left in the area where the dogs are kept.

Food bowls and water bowls should also be clean with easy access to fresh food and water. If the dogs are kept inside, they should also have a clean area for sleeping, nursing, and playing. 

Proper Socialization 

The puppies should be properly socialized with adults, children, other dogs, and other animals that are commonly owned as pets. For instance, if you are considering getting a puppy and you have a cat, it is best to find a puppy that has been socialized with a cat so that he will form a healthy relationship with the cat in your home.

The more attention the puppies have been given by the breeder and others who live in his home, the more likely the puppy will do well with you and your family members. Taking in a puppy who has not been properly handled by humans can lead to an unpleasant disposition that may take several months to improve.

A reputable breeder is always willing to answer any questions you have about the puppy you may be purchasing from him. Be sure to ask if he has started house training or behavior training with the puppies. It is also a good idea to ask how often he breeds the mother dog to ensure he is not over breeding which could lead to health issues in the puppies. If you're looking for a breeder, consider checking out one like Blue Lycan Kennel.